Momentum Facial Cleanser - Yellow

INTRODUCING THE 'Momentum Cleanser’
With 8000 T-Sonic Pulsations per minute, this beauty effectively cleanses deep below the skin's surface. With 8 adjustable intensities and 3 zones of varying touch point thicknesses, it is made to suit all skin types. It is able to remove up to 99.5% of dirt, oil, dead skin cells, and unclogs pores to remove makeup residue. The fine silicone bristles on the front care for sensitive to normal skin, while thicker bristles  along the top deliver precision cleansing in the T-zone. On the back, broad silicone bristles specialise in cleansing oilier skin for a more thorough cleanse. With a super long lasting battery life, compact size and 100% water proof body, this facial cleanser is a must-have in your beauty routine. 

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